P A R I S - L Y O N

Planète Publique is a public sector consulting firm

Founded in 2006, we focus on :

  • environmental and sustainable policy : climate, energy, water-management, waste management, urban planning, rural development...
  • social policies : health, primary and secondary education, higher education and research, cultural policies, youth  programs, housing policy....


The firm specializes in three types of activities

  • evaluation of public policies, the core expertise of our team (representing approximately 70 % of the firms turnover)
  • assistance for the design of public policies (about 15 % of our turnover) ;
  • design and organization of participative democracy processes (about 15% of our turnover)


The company, based in Paris, is managed by two partners. The team includes ten experienced consultants with a diverse background (economists, sociologists, policy analysts…).

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