P A R I S - L Y O N

Benoît Simon, 45 years old, has been a researcher for 8 years in different institutes : Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (Netherlands), CERNA (Industrial Economics Research Institute) at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, CIRED (International Research Centre on Environment and Development), CNRS-EHESS.

He is a consultant in the field of evaluation of public policies since 2000. He is the general manager of Planète Publique. He is a member of the French Evaluation Society (co-animating the “Evaluation and sustainable development” group). He carried out several evaluation and strategic auditing works for the European Commission as a senior consultant at Euréval (DG TREN, DG SANCO, DG ENLARG, Europaid). He participated in the evaluation of the PHARE programme. He also participated as a trainer in the Easy-Eco project. He has carried out more than fifty evaluations of public policies and projects in the field of environment and sustainable development and several ones in the research field (evaluation of the ERA-ENVHEALTH project, evaluation of different research programmes for the French Ministry of the environment – INVABIO and PRIMEQUAL).

Caroline Massot, 30 years old, has extensive experience in the implementation of participatory processes, as well as in evaluation of public policies.

She conducted several missions in evaluation of public policy for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, as well as for several Regional Councils and cities. She also participated in several major participatory processes for the Ministry of Family Welfare (in preparation for the 2014 « Family » Law), the city of Bordeaux (town meeting on waste mangagement policy) or the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire («The Region in 2040»).

Sébastien WALCZYSZYN, 26 years old, is graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and holds a master’s degree in social sciences.

Sébastien Walczyszyn has also studied the environmental public policies in Columbia University and in a master untitled Public Policies and strategies for the environment in AgroParisTech. Before joining PlanètePublique as a junior consultant, he accomplished missions for the French Ministry of Environment as well as in a consultancy firm for the private sector.